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Stacy Phillips Sound Clips

Feel free to download these MP3 clips of tunes from my albums. Like to hear the full tunes? The CDs are for sale as discs and/or downloads!


1. Walking Down Whalley [download]
2. Nao Toque [download]
3. Smooth One [download]
4. Blues for Charlemagne [download]
5. September 27 / Tears [download]
6. Four From Hawaii [download]
7. Cobblestones [download]
8. Noites Cariocas [download]
9. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You [download]
10. Shalom to Slivovitz [download]
11. If Six Was Nine [download]


1. Moana Loa [download]
2. Wild Horse [download]
3. Golden Wedding Days [download]
4. Ruth and Naomi [download]
Expanding the boundaries of bluegrass music with a darkly textured vocal quartet about the famous Old Testament tale.
"Naomi sent Ruth to glean the field, She noticed Boaz, his fate was sealed. Went to sleep single at the close of day, Woke up married, in the family way."
5. Kenyan Tune [download]
6. From the Inside [download]
7. Bucktime [download]
8. Hawaiian Medley [download]
9. Prodigal Son [download]
10. Greasy Coat [download]
11. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight [download]
12. Flambee Montalbanaise [download]
13. Klezmer Medley [download]
14. Absalom, My Son [download]


1. Opihi Moemoe
2. Hey Mister, Get the Ball [download]
3. Pahhandle Rag
4. Kangaroo [download]
5. Valse Hot [download]
6. Aviso [download]
with a 12 piece acoustic band, including Andy Statman,Tony Trischka, Matt Glaser,and the Roche Sisters.
I used to stare at the bilingual warning sign when the train would stall between stations on the New York City "D" subway line. "Warning, the subway tracks are dangerous." "Aviso, la via del tren subterraneo es peligrosa." The experience evolved into the first bluegrass salsa tune.
7. Swing 39 [download]
The quirky Django Reinhardt swing piece interpreted by an acoustic jazz quintet, including Andy Statman on mandolin and Jon Sholle on guitar.
8. Leather Britches
9. Harlem Nocturne
10. Sophisticated Hula
11. All Old Friends
12. Nei Lei O Hawaii
13. Mistreated Mama
14. What Shy Men Dream


1. Blue Prelude
2. Arboleda
3. Mean Woman with the Green Eyes
4. Perry Mason Theme/Sleigh Ride [download]
5. Lost in Arizona
6. Sermonette [download]
7. Rom Hora/Klezmer Tune
8. The Wind Cries Mary
9. Cherokee Shuffle [download]
10. Last Rose of Autumn
11. Dolores
12. Walkin' One and Only
13. Saint Louis Blues

Here are some video clips of the Stacy Phillips / Paul Howard Duet at a couple of house concerts. First up is Blue Prelude

Hawaiian Medley

Wild Horse

Flambee' Montalbanaise

Klezmer Medley

Blues for Charlemagne

Walking Down Whalley

Perry Mason/Sleigh Ride

Straighten Up & Fly Right


Just You, Just Me


Stacy Phillips and His Bluegrass Characters are a rotating pool of fine musicians playing traditional, classic bluegrass

Walking Boss

Run Mountain

My Native Home

Buffalo Skinners

I am a regular member of the six piece ensemble, The AfroSemitic Experience. Here are some clips from our cd's.

1. from the Days of Awe CD the tune is And As For Me, My Prayer Is For You. [download]

2. from This Is the AfroSemitic Experience CD, the tune is Charlie Mingus' Better Get Hit in Your Soul. [download]

3. bits and pieces from May Our Offering Be Acceptable on the Days of Awe CD [download]

4. From the Plea for Peace CD, some of my solo on Song for the New Temple [download]

5. bits and pieces from the title cut on the Plea for Peace CD [download]

6. I play violin and dobro on I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free on Plea for Peace. [download]

Here are links to video clips from a Three Finger Poi performance.

Here are sound bites from other folks' albums on which I play, out-of-print stuff, along with some live cuts from my concerts. I will occasionally be expanding this section so please check back.

An excerpt from the "Bunch of Keys" medley on Eileen Ivers' Crossing the Bridge CD (on Sony Classical). She plays Irish fiddle tunes fast!! [download]

Here's a cut that was omitted from Hey Mister Get the Ball because of time limitations of the original LP format. It was long lost until I recently found a copy of Doxy. It features Andy Statman (mandolin), Jon Sholle (guitar), Marty Confurious (bass) and Bishop O'Brien (drums). What a fine bunch of swinging musicians. [download]

"Juramente" is a Puerto Rican piece that Paul Howard and I learned from Pedro Padilla. [download]

One of last, most ambitious and quirky arrangements the Duet ever put together was a melding of Erik Satie's "First Gnossienne" and the haunting Raye/DePaul ballad You Don't Know What Love Is. It takes a while to unfold but there are lots of interesting cross references and back quotes. [download]

A trippy Hawaiian piece that resulted from listening to too many hapa haole pieces and staying up too late after coming home from a late night country gig with The Country Singing Pals! The title is enigmatic but not worth explaining. I present "The Dunk and the Dough". The recording cuts off as the next part of a medley begins. [download]

Here's some of my violin playing on Old Madeira Waltz from the Tall Boots CD, a collection of rare pieces from The Sons of the Pioneers. Mike Dowling plays guitar, Paul Elliott on harmony violin and there's a bit of my overdubbed dobro. (For ordering info. go to )         [download]

From the same cd, I play a square neck National on Honolulu Bound         [download]
The final excerpt from Tall Boots features some western harmony. on If You Would Only Be Mine.         [download]

A couple of years before the Duet picked it up I recorded "You Don't Know What Love Is" as an instrumental with David Chevan on bass and Rex Cadwallader on piano. [download]

And now, something a bit different - four cuts from the accompanying recording to Paul Howard's fine instruction book Swing Guitar (Alfred Publishing). These are improvised solos to typical chord progressions that Paul demonstrates on rhythm guitar. My assignment - improvise to the chord progressions.

1. Key of Am [download]

2. Key of Bb [download]

3. Key of C [download]

4. Key of F [download]