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Fiddle Books and DVD's

Thank you for your continuing interest in Stacy Phillips and his music.

We regret that at this time, we are unable to fulfill sales orders.

We hope to resume sales in the near future. Please continue to check back and we will begin taking orders again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep playing and listening to great music in Stacy's memory.

Fiddle Books and DVD's

  • STONEY LONESOME FIDDLE - The Fiddle Music of Bill Monroe with mp3 recordings . . . Click on "Downloads" page.
    transcriptions of fiddle solos to 86 Bill Monroe instrumentals as played by his great fiddlers . . . all his famous pieces and many rare and commercially unrecorded tunes . . . download only

    See "downloads" page for all the details!! The complete scoop on this music... transcriptions and analyses of the great solos and tunes...the music of Bob Wills, J.R. Chatwell, Hugh Farr, Keith Coleman, Louis Tierney, Holley, Bruner, Bruce, Spade Cooley, Jesse Ashlock, Cecil Brower etc...and a whole chapter of Johnny Gimble solos ... out of print, but now AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD. Scroll up and hit the downloads of books & recordings button.

    Two CD set of ALL the music to Western Swing Fiddle is available as a hard copy or a download. These are the original recordings and, as a bonus, includes recordings and transcriptions of 20 additional tunes omitted from the book (for reasons of space). Because most people order the download option of this item, I can no longer afford to offer the booklet in spiral binding. The pages are unbound.
    Price: $16.00 + $5 s/h = $21.00      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS ]

    Careful transcriptions of over 60 of the most influential bluegrass solos...Chubby Wise, Benny Martin, Vassar Clements, Richard Greene, Bobby Hicks, Paul Warren, Scotty Stoneman, Kenny Baker, Jimmy Buchanan, Red Taylor, Jimmy Shumate, Byron Berline, Dale Potter, etc....Flint Hill Special, Muleskinner Blues, Panhandle Country, Foggy Mountain Special, Footprints in the Snow, Uncle Pen, Salty Dog, Fiddle Patch, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, 50 more. . .the book that tells the whole truth...includes analyses and historical background
    SALE PRICE: $16.00
    (20% off list!!)      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    ** Get all the music as a download of mp3 files . . . excerpts from the original recordings . . .$8.00

    "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is about everything you could ask for in a bluegrass fiddle book. My only suggestion would be to hasten the appearance of Volumes II, III and IV."
    - - - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

    "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is a classic publication. . .an important piece of American music history."
    - - -Sing Out magazine

    "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is the standard for learning the great bluegrass solos. . .It's a must have."
    - - -Fiddler magazine

    "Now right there is an education, and I don't have to go sifting through all my recordings for this stuff . . . mighty fine."
    - - -Chris Brashear - fiddler with Robin & Linda Williams

    " Through the years as a performer and teacher, I've found that Stacy Phillps' books, Bluegrass Fiddle Styles and The Complete Country Fiddler were about as good as it gets for this kind of instruction. Be sure to get the accompanying CD's as they are important and extremely useful. Also check out his Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle and Western Swing Fiddle Styles as well. Apparently, he's got the infinite patience to accurately transcribe some of the greatest fiddle music ever played and put it into book form for aspiring players."
    - - - A. Eisenman - Longwood, FL

    " Keep up your good work. I have pretty much all your fiddle books. I originally bought the Yellow Bluegrass book when you were here in Australia in 1980 and it still is the best of its kind.."
    - - - D. Baylor - A.C.T., Australia

    " This is one of those books that's impossible to find, published a long time ago. It is the BEST -- THE BEST -- collection of transcriptions of the old masters that I've ever seen. Stacy and Kenny did their best to lay down exactly what those guys did when they played these tunes, all the double stops and chords and double-stop slides, and different breaks, so that if you attempt these versions, you will quickly figure out how to sound like them. You have some experience, this will take your bluegrass fiddle sound to the next level. This book makes every other bluegrass fiddle book look like a rip-off, plain and simple."
    - - - Jumpy1 - NYC, NY via Amazon book reviews

    "This book samples some of the best licks in bluegrass fiddle from the 20th century. Some of the licks are pretty detailed and loaded with double-stops and glissandos, but the authors have done a remarkable job of notating it all accurately. I've expanded some of these into encore pieces for use after classical concerts, they rock! History and technical tips are very helpful also. Highly recommended."
    - - -J. Blackman - Melbourne, Australia

    " I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times too, but that book was one of the most helpful books I've ever come across for learning bluegrass fiddle. "
    - - -H. Davidson - Davidson Brothers band, Australia.

    "You have been a guiding light in my attempts at making music. Guys like you ought to be inducted into Americas's Hall of Fame for helping to preserve our musical heritage. "
    - - -V. Sakala - Kelowna, B.C.

    Over 450 bluegrass licks and how to apply them to your own solos, with many full and partial solos as example . . . sections on double stops, upper positions, kickoffs, tags, fills, and a whole chapter on the ins and outs of Orange Blossom Special . . . Comes with download of mp3 files of many of the licks.
    Now available only as a DOWNLOAD. Scroll to the top of this page and click the downloads of books & recordings button      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    "This is the real stuff -- tasty but challenging licks, and well written text"
    - - - Dave Reiner - author of Fiddling Across America

    "You did a great job. I'm a professional (and) this is the best yet that I've run across . . . wanting more of the same great deal and product."
    - - - R. Carson - Cedar Park, TX

    "It is exactly what I needed, I plan to learn what I always wanted to play, Orange Blossom Special. I know some parts I learnt many years ago, now I want to learn a few licks and ideas for the E7 part (and bluegrass recordings are as rare as instruction material in this part of the world). Thanks, it is a great book."
    - - - L. de la Torre - Madrid, Spain


    An unprecedented compendium of 800 fiddle tunes in all the major categories of American traditional fiddle styles . . . hoedowns, breakdowns and reels... each entry based on the playing of an outstanding fiddler (over 300 different players represented) including Emmett Lundy, Benny Thomasson, Doc Roberts, Bob Walters, Howdy Forrester, James Bryan, Clark Kessinger, Rodney Miller, Tommy Jarrell, Alan Jabbour, Ruthie Dornfeld, Tommy Jackson, Buddy Thomas, Bruce Molsky, Ed Haley, Bob Wills, Marcus Martin, Byron Berline, Paul Warren, Melvin Wine, Kenny Baker, Eck Robertson, Clyde Davenport, J. P. Fraley, Cyril Stinnett, Hugh Farr, Lynn Smith, Leonard Rutherford, Leake County Revelers, Joe Politte, Wilson Douglas, Brad Leftwich, Major Franklin, Judy Hyman, John Hartford, Pete Sutherland, etc. etc. with multiple versions of many tunes...bowing, fingering and chordal accompaniment included . . .
    VOLUME ONE                                     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]
    Price: $29.00 ($6.00 off list!!)
    You also get a download of OVER 100 NEW ENTRIES in pdf format. IT'S LIKE GETTING A FREE BOOK!!
    When ordering The Collection add an *additional* $2.00 (for a total of $8) for shipping. This is a large, heavy book.

    Volume Two is out-of-print, BUT that book has been reissued in 5 smaller volumes in the Favorite American series. See below. Volume Two is now also AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD!! Scroll up and hit the downloads of books & recordings button.

    "This is one of those very special books that most definitely belongs in the essential category. The tunes (in The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes) have been meticulously checked for accuracy. This same effort and care characterizes Stacy Phillips' previous fiddle books. With the combination of Volumes One and Two you will have at your disposal superior versions for all the well known standard numbers, as well as an amazing number of highly prized collector's items and countless rare tunes. A masterpiece. As is true with all his other instruction books, this is most highly recommended."
    - - - Devil's Box Magazine

    "And a big Double Thumbs up (don't drop the instrument) for Stacy Phillips monumental and insanely hip two volume American Fiddle Tunes compilation. Really great! . . . equal in importance to O'Neill's Music of Ireland. Stacy is definitely one of the great nexuses of fiddle lore in this hemisphere."
    - - - Darol Anger

    " I want 2 copies of your wonderful collection The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes."
    - - - Richard Greene

    " A wondrous array of tunes, a fiddler's dream fake book."
    - - - Sing Out magazine

    " Heartily recommended as a repertoire expander. "
    - - - Strings magazine

    " This book contains many, many tunes transcribed in close accuracy according to the manner in which the old fiddlers played them originally. This is one of those books that are a 'must have' for serious fiddlers. Stacy Phillips has done an outstanding job in his faithfulness to tradition. I can't recommend this book, Vol. 1 highly enough. It's something that can be used for years to come and is a wonderful working book as well as a reference. "
    - - - Katshan - Nashville, IN

    " The tunes and the fiddle playing tips are just great. I am adapting some of the tunes for hammer dulcimer. "
    - - - C. Smith - Tucson, AZ

    "Fantastic collection of fiddle tunes. Great for beginners and a great value. "
    - - - A.D Tidmore - Pottsville, PA

    " Fantastic! Thank you very much. "
    - - - D. McFarlane - Weston, CT

    "Outstanding!! Thank you so much! "
    - - - S. Schreiber - Carmel, NY

    "What the O'Neil collection is to Irish fiddle tunes, this collection is to the US old time fiddle tradition. All are faithfully transcribed, with suggested bowing. It is very difficult to learn old time fiddling from transcriptions, but this book has done an admirable job. "
    - - - P.D. Allen - Indiana

    " This is a nice, thick book full of wonderful fiddle tunes. Many well-known (Apple Blossom, Buffalo Gals, Blackberry Blossom, Cumberland Gap) and also some lesser-known pieces (Hell Up Coal Holler, Creek Nation, Raven's Gap), sometimes with more than one version of a tune presented: for instance, there are 4 versions of Blackberry Blossom given. Many of the tunes are written with single notes and are simpler for beginners: others are scored full of double stops and present more of a challenge. Tune length ranges from 2 lines to half a page. Old-Time Fiddling is my favorite fiddle style and this book presents perhaps the richest collections of tunes in that style that I've found. "
    - - - D. Cloudwalker - CA

    " I have several of your other books and look forward to playing the songs in these. Thank you for all your hard work compiling these songs. I have had many hours of practice and enjoyment using Volume one and Hot Licks. "
    - - - J. Gaugl - Houston, TX

    "I want to compliment Stacy on the settings in his book - they are fabulous. I love that I can get Ruthie Dornfeld's setting to "Falls of Richmond," for instance - the way a real fiddler plays it!"
    - - - Donna Hebert, contra dance fiddler

    How to create authentic bluegrass solos. Most courses have dealt with bluegrass instrumentals, but this one unlocks the key to making up solos to songs, which are 95% of the repertoire. . . the keys of G, A, B, C, and F are covered in detail. . .how to choose double stops. . . how to fake your way through a new tune. . .designed for fiddlers of all backgrounds, from old time to classical. . .typical songs are used as examples of how to plug in the classic licks. . how to transpose licks to new keys. . . Why Did You Wander, Salty Dog, Long Journey Home, All the Good Times Are Past and Gone etc. etc.
    TWO DVD's
    Now available only as a download on the Homespun Tape web site.
    url: info for download of Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp
    "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp will take the intermediate fiddler to a new level of understanding bluegrass fiddle. Highly recommended. " - - -Bluegrass Unlimited

    "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp is definitely the best instruction video I've ever purchased! Stacy covered just about everything I had questions about . . . especially chords!"
    - - - J. Scott - via email

    "This two-DVD set contains a veritable mountain of information.... Stacy Phillips has documented fiddling in the past twenty-some years as no one else has... This is the culmination of much of that information regarding bluegrass. While there is no way to teach all that embodies the bluegrass fiddle style, Phillips provides the required basics in a format much more compatible with learning than any book alone, or book and CD could provide. Highly recommended"
    - - - Fiddler Magazine

    "Phillips has earned the rank of Bluegrass Fiddle Top Sergeant. Speaks to both the typical fiddler and the new wave of classical converts. With an almost overwhelming volume of knowledge about the history, players, tunes, and licks of bluegrass music these discs merit frequent viewing."
    - - - Sing Out magazine

    "I'm starting to work my way through your "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp" DVD. It's great! I love your detailed, analytical approach to teaching, emphasizing techniques rather than just presenting a bunch of tunes to copy. I'm learning so many tips and tricks that I can't find anywhere else. "
    - - - C. Robins - Corvalis, OR

    "I've got your Steel Guitar and Contest Fiddling books, your Bluegrass Fiddle DVD from Homespun, and (more). They all hit the ball out of the park. Your teaching style is terrific. "
    - - - J. Good - Longmont, CO

    "I just want to thank you for this dvd and all the effort you put forth in making it. As I replay all your nuggets of instruction and advice, I can only imagine how much time and effort was invloved. I have been trying to learn the fiddle for many years and this is the most beneficial tool out there. ."
    - - - D. Moran - Ellicott City, MD

    "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp is the first articulate explanation for practical applications of music theory that I have ever seen. It is the only instructional material for the fiddle that actually gives you the tools to build your own fiddling instead of relying on doing exactly what someone else does. It is also very helpful that it comes with a book that has the music written out, so I can be sure what I am hearing and seeing is what I think it is."
    - - - L. Robertson - Troutdale, VA

    "I learned something new within the first 15 minutes and loved the depth that you put into your explanation.... This is such a great DVD set to take in regular lesson format and work on each piece before moving on. Watching the first DVD straight through has given me the feel for how you teach and an overall understanding of the techniques you will be covering. Thank you so much for putting the time into making this available to students."
    - - - L. Hills - St. Petersburg, FL

    "I purchased your two DVD set Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp, and really love it. It is so rich with information that it amazes me. I can use it again and again and learn something new every time. Just wanted to give you a word of encouragement and let you know your material is TERRIFIC! I will buy more."
    - - - J. A. Crow - via email

    "Your DVD was exactly what I was looking for. The real stuff."
    - - - D. French - via email

    "The DVDs arrived at the beginning of the week and last night I went through the first lesson. So far it is exactly what I was looking for and what I need. For the first time I felt I was really "playing" bluegrass style as opposed to imiating it in the sort of "pseudo bluegrass" old time style that I had been doing and which I was dying to move beyond. I also feel that I am learning in a way that will enable me to apply what I am learning to different tunes and situations. It's great. Well done and entertaining. "
    - - - P. Woodward - Haifa, Israel

    " I can't recommend this DVD highly enough. It gives specific guidance on what makes bluegrass fiddle sound like bluegrass. What he gives you will help you create your own solos on top of what other people have done. With what Stacy Phillips presents, you can be sure that other bluegrass players will recognize your solos as bluegrass and not a complete faker. "
    - - - Charles - via Amazon web site reviews

    "I love the fiddle boot camp DVD, it really helped me to sound like a bluegrass fiddler."
    - - - T. Toman - Hill City, KS

    "This is an excellent lesson. It's full of information and I'm glad I bought this. There is in depth information on what he plays for the solos for each song, and this is exactly what I was looking for. I can learn at my own pace, and review any part I want at any time.."
    - - - J. DiNatale - Boston, MA

    "Stacy is great and extremely knowledgible and passes on load of useful information.There is loads of information for the beginner and intermediate bluegrass fiddler. I highly reccommend.."
    - - - R. Tester - via Amazon web site reviews

    Continuing the reissue of the classic Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, this collection contains over 100 pieces transcribed from the greatest traditional fiddlerspast and present. . . East Texas Serenaders, Leake County Revelers, Benny Thomasson, Arthur Smith, Ruthie Dornfeld, Cecil Brower, Stripling Bros., Bob Wills, Doc Roberts, Howdy Forrester, Kenny Kosek, Terry Morris, Kenny Baker, Hugh Farr, etc. etc. . .
    Price: $11.00 - 20% reduction      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    "A treasure trove of material and ideas. An invaluable reference for both familiar and obscure fiddle tunes."
    - - - Bluegrass Unlimited magazine

    "A unique and fine collection for fiddlers, as well as other string players, who want authentic arrangements."
    - - - SingOut magazine

    "If you are serious about your study of American fiddling Rags and Blues there may never be a better tome of guidance and reference than this one. A guru of American fiddling."
    - - - American String Teachers magazine

    "A welcome return to print . . . a great starting point for those wishing to build their own versions of the tunes."
    - - - Fiddler magazine

    "Many thanks for your wonderful work!"
    - - - Dorney Thompson - Lexington, KY

    Continuing the reissue of the classic Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, Favorite American Hornpipes for Fiddle presents over a hundred classic and lesser known fiddle tunes in hornpipe style from all parts of the United States, some with multiple versions.

    All are transcribed from performances of the greatest traditional fiddlers of the past and present including Benny Thomasson, Bob Walters, Howdy Forrester, James Bryan, Rodney Miller, Ruthie Dornfeld, and dozens more. Bowings and chord accompaniment are included.

    This book will also be of value to students of classical music. Teachers, are you looking for short pieces that will solidify scales and arpeggios that don't bore your students. Tired of the same old classical etudes? Hornpipes can also serve as effective and fun exercises for all violin students, not just fiddlers. Some of them could have come right out of the baroque period of art music, but they also illustrate America's great tradition of fiddling.
    Price: $11.00 - 20% reduction      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |

    Continuing the reissue of the classic Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, Favorite American Listening Pieces for Fiddle presents over a hundred classic and lesser known fiddle tunes in a grab bag of styles from all parts of the United States not covered in the previous four volumes of this series plus Volume One of the Phillips Collection.

    All are transcribed from performances of the greatest traditional fiddlers of the past and present including Clark Kessinger, Howdy Forrester, John Salyer, Kenny Baker, James Bryan, Ken Kosek, Ruthie Dornfeld, Eck Robertson, Jere Canote, Luther Strong, Bruce Greene, and dozens more. Bowings and chord accompaniment are included.

    Price: $11.00 - 20% reduction      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |

    "This is a rich collection of fiddle tunes with some lesser-known pieces, as well as fiddle standards such as "Faded Love" and "Cluck Old Hen." The tunes come from a wide range of fiddlers including Howdy Forrester, Kenny Baker, Byron Berline, Clark Kessinger, Bob Wills, and Arthur Smith. Each tune is presented in a clean, concise, and accurate setting. Stacy Phillips consistently produces first-rate materials for fiddlers who play bluegrass, old-time, swing, and country styles. This book should be on the shelf of any fiddler who wants to broaden their music horizons and never got Phillips Anthology when it was available"
    - - - Bluegrass Unlimited magazine

    Continuing the reissue of the classic Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, Favorite American Waltzes for Fiddle presents the most influential waltzes from all parts of the United States, some with multiple versions. All are transcribed from performances of the greatest traditional fiddlers of the past and present including Benny Thomasson, J.T. Perkins, Kenny Baker, Jay Ungar, Vivian Williams, and many more. Bowings and chord accompaniment are included.

    Price: $11.00 - 20% reduction      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |

    "Phillips' transcriptions are of the best sort. He captures the essence of each tune. All the fiddlers represented here rank among the best of the tradition. You will want to pick up this volume for the riches it includes. . . a highly desireable addition to the reading fiddler's musical library."
    - - - Bluegrass Unlimited magazine

    Continuing the reissue of the classic Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, Favorite American Polkas & Jigs for Fiddle presents great tune settings from all parts of the United States, some with multiple versions. All are transcribed from performances of the greatest traditional fiddlers of the past and present including Jehile Kirkhuff, Mark O'Connor, Hugh Farr, Pete Sutherland, Becky Tracey, and many more. Bowings and chord accompaniment are included.

    Price: $11.00 - 20% reduction      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |

    Meticulous transcriptions of Mark's trend-setting performances at fiddle contests...written with Mark's help...every bowing and fingering checked with Mark...major interviews and detailed analyses...the most influential fiddle style of the past fifteen years.
    Price: $15.00      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    "Mark O'Connor - The Championship Years is an essential document for aspirants to the contest circuit. This book exemplifies a worthy standard for all compilers and transcribers."
    - - - Old Time Herald Magazine

    "Mark O'Connor - The Championship Years is nothing less than dynamite!"
    - - - Devil's Box Magazine

    "Working with Stacy on my back was both amazing and eye opening for me. Stacy's attention to detail was hard for me to grasp. "
    - - - Mark O'Connor

    "Meticulous notation with in-depth technical commentary. "
    - - - Bluegrass Unlimited magazine

    "This is a great book to learn licks from, and to see how Mark O'Connor crafted a contest tune. "
    - - - V. Wickham - fiddler

    THE COMPLETE COUNTRY FIDDLER now available only as a download
    Please click on the "downloads of books" link.

    Includes recording . . .how to create authentic licks and solos in the major modern fiddle styles of blues, swing, bluegrass and commercial country....the book that shows what the top players are really doing. . .300 examples plus many full solos with extensive commentary and explanations...Fiddle Sticks (Dale Potter's Boogie), several versions of Careless Love, Pig in the Pen, The Wild Side of Life, Draggin' the Bow, Corrine Corrina, etc. . .most tunes set in several keys. . . eleven major interviews with top professional players including Buddy Spicher, Mark O'Connor, Hoot Hester (of the Grand Ol Opry house band), Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dale Potter and the top studio cats from Nashville and New York...chapters on music theory forfiddlers and amplification of the depth looks at Tommy Jackson, Dale Potter and Johnny Gimble.

    The first book that presents authentic and fun multiple fiddle arrangements of the repertoire of several categories; old time, bluegrass, Irish, western swing, waltzes etc. . .Bill Cheatem, Sitting on Top of the World (bluegrass and blues versions), Silver Bells, Jesse Polka, many others, includes playing hints for all the tunes and a full chapter discussing how to make up your own arrangements! 65 tunes include several scores for triple fiddle. . .comes with CD...
    Price: $20.00
    ($3.00 off list)      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    "Each arrangement in Twin Fiddling brings with it some quality that will improve the ear and technical ability of the serious fiddle student. It could also be used as a tune book as there is a good selection of tunes from nearly every style played in this country."
    - - - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

    "Thanks for getting the Twin Fiddle book to me so fast ! I've already dug into it, well done. The last section is worth the $20.00. It answered lots of questions and will no doubt save me numerous hours trying to figure different arrangements out that are not in the book. twin fiddle is so much fun and you have opened up a whole new world for us. Thank you."
    - - -S. Barger - North Platte, NE

    "Your wonderful books have been a very valuable resource for me and my students over the years; I very much appreciate the efforts you made in creating them and having them published. This spring, my students and (will) perform fiddle pieces from your Twin Fiddling "
    - - -S. Baillie - violin teacher, Duluth, MN

    "I am very happy with this purchase. the book has tunes I like and the harmony parts are great, as well as the CD that comes with it . . I have been playing the tunes a lot . . . very happy with the swing tunes!!."
    - - -T. Samples - Colorado

    Authentic but easy tunes in non-threatening arrangements for the beginner. . .Too Young to Marry, Cincinnati Hornpipe, Granny Will Your Dog Bite?, Joys of Quebec, etc.,in standard notation with fingering and chords. . . comes with CD. . .
    Price: $15.00 ($3.00 off list)      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    "I put on the CD to Beginning Fiddle Solos, which they (music students) could easily read, and they played along for the better part of two hours. It was a great idea to talk between pieces. It made your CD unusually user friendly. The kids would talk back to you, count off with you, and then play each song."
    - - - J. Royce - public school music teacher - Chesire, CT

    "I would highly recommend this book/cd for anyone learning to play the fiddle. I love playing the tunes along with the CD. I've bought many fiddle books while teaching myself in the past 4 months, and this is by far, one of my favorites. I use it to practice almost every single day. I am 100% satisfied."
    - - - V. Reinhardt - Michigan

    "Interesting tunes but not the same old war horses and he provides a well-researched history of each one with informative and colorful tidbits."
    - - - Fiddler magazine

    "For the jazz violinist, this is a fiddler's delight. It comes with an exciting CD to play-along with. Stacy Phillips has put together a remarkable collection of tunes and fine instruction that will benefit any player interested in this area. A first rate instruction text. Highly recommended. "
    - - - L. Prosser at

    Same contents as Beginning Fiddle Solos (above) arranged for cello. . . comes with CD. . .
    Price: $15.00 ($3.00 off list)
    "Inviting to all to begin discovering a sense of cello playing being fun. "
    - - - American String Teacher magazine

    Same contents as Beginning Fiddle Solos (above) arranged for viola. . . comes with CD. . .
    Price: $15.00 ($3.00 off list)

    "This is a terrific starting-off place! "
    - - - American String Teacher magazine

    "And, thanks, Stacy, your Fiddle Tunes for Viola was where I started with the instrument."
    - - - M. Climis via internet

    Same contents as Twin Fiddling (above) arranged for viola. . . comes with CD. . .
    Price: $20.00 ($5.00 off list)

    " This is the way these tunes should sound! This is a fine volume for advance beginners and intermediate violists. "
    - - -Fiddler magazine

    "Terrific introduction. . . clear uncluttered look. The CD is at least as valuable as the book."
    - - - American String Teacher magazine

    Same contents as Twin Fiddling (above) arranged for cello. . . comes with CD. . .
    Price: $20.00 ($5.00 off list)

    140 pieces by the greatest practitioners of this East European-Jewish (Gypsy-related) style that is currently enjoying a world wide renaissance. . . NOT JUST FOR VIOLIN . . . transcriptions from the golden age of this music . . . Dave Tarras, Naftule Brandwine, Kandel's Orchestra, Abe Schwartz etc. . . . with all the detailed ornamentation that defines the style . . . discussion of performance practices . . . interviews with experts Andy Statman and Dr. Walter Zev Feldman . . . available in both C and Bb editions . . .

    C instrument edition price: $20.00 ($5.00 off list)

    The Bb instrument edition is out-of-print but is now available as a download. Please go to that page on this site.     

    " I really love your Klezmer book and use if frequently. I tell my students it's the only one worth getting. "
    - - -Mimi Rabson of the Klezmer Conservatory Orchestra

    " The Klezmer Collection is an historical treasure that is a wonderful study tool "
    - - -Sing Out magazine

    "It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse the Klezmer Collection. The text is rich and articulate - from an overview of the genre to explanations of ornaments and notation. I intend to play through, and drool over, this book for a long, long time."
    - - - Sing Out magazine

    24 pieces from the classic "The Klezmer Collection" arranged for beginning instrumentalists. . .for C, Bb, Eb and bass clef instruments. . . comes with CD. . .
    Price: $20 ($5 off of list price, wow!)     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]
    " Never beyond the confines of what would be considered easily playable by amateurs. Fine instrumentalists and experienced klezmer musicians on the accompanying CD bring real meaning to the pages of notes. Their spontaneous elaborations of the tunes do not obscure the printed melodies but breathe life into the performances: an excellent band playing a great set. "
    - - -Sing Out magazine
    " Love your website and am enjoying your Easy Klezmer Tunes book -- I play clarinet and i am now trying to induct my daughter (violin) and her friend (tuba) into a just-for-fun klez band for kids -- so the intro book is just right "
    - - -W. Katz - Dallas, TX
    "I am totally a beginner when it comes to Klezmer - in fact, I had never attempted to play any Klezmer until now. I found this book to be exactly what I needed to get started. Having the CD to play along with makes a huge difference. "
    - - -G. Fidel - New York, NY
    " This is where to start with Klezmer fiddle. Stacy Phillips book called Easy Klezmer Tunes. It comes with a CD. It's great because he plays standard tunes slowly and he teaches the rhythms for second violin and bass fiddle. "
    - - -J. Heisner - violin teacher - Minneapolis, MN