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Downloads of Books & Recordings

Thank you for your continuing interest in Stacy Phillips and his music.

We regret that at this time, we are unable to fulfill sales orders.

We hope to resume sales in the near future. Please continue to check back and we will begin taking orders again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep playing and listening to great music in Stacy's memory.

Stacy Phillips PDF Book Downloads
  • Western Swing Fiddle
    The only book with the complete scoop on the fiddle styles in western swing. . . transcriptions and analyses of the great solos and tunes. . . the music of Bob Wills, J.R. Chatwell, Hugh Farr, Keith Coleman, Louis Tierney, Joe Holley, Cliff Bruner, Bobby Bruce, Buddy Ray, Spade Cooley, Jesse Ashlock, Cecil Brower, Cotton Thompson, Curt Massey, Darrell Kirkpatrick, Don Dekker, Buddy Spicher, etc. . .and a whole chapter of Johnny Gimble solos . . .Milk Cow Blues, Take Me Back to Tulsa, Miss Molly, Fat Boy Rag, Maiden's Prayer, Faded Love, Hi Flyer Stomp, Silver Bells, Panhandle Rag, An Old Watermill, Swing '42, etc., etc. . .many with multiple versions, etc. interviews with Johnny Gimble, Joe Holley, Cliff Bruner, Bobby Bruce, etc. I guarantee that if you are interested in Western Swing, you will be thrilled this book!
    Download a pdf file of 160 over sized pages crammed full of music, commentary, interviews and photos.
    Western Swing Fiddle      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

    You can also purchase mp3 downloads of the actual recordings of ALL the music in the book. This download also includes 20 tunes that were originally omitted from the book (for reasons of space) along with their transcriptions. 116 mp3 files!! and 20 pdf files

    1. Price of download of both BOOK + mp3's and 20 BONUS TRANSCRIPTIONS = $25.00

    2. Price of book only download: $18.00

    3. Price of download of only recordings + 20 bonus transcriptions: $15.00     

    You can order the recordings/booklet as hard copies, 2 CD's + a booklet of the transcriptions. Because most of the orders for this item are via downloads, it no longer makes sense for me to print large orders of spiral bound booklets. Hencefoward the booklets (still containing 20 extra tunes will not be bound, and will cost less to order.
    4. Price of only hard copy of recordings on cd/20 bonus transcriptions: $20.00 + $5.00 s/h = $25.00 [ TWENTY EXTRA TUNES ]

    "Congratulations on Western Swing fiddle. I am really enjoying it. What a lot of work you put into it."
    - - - Michael Doucet of Beausoleil- Lafayette, LA
    "An excellent guidebook to this uniquely American musical form. The transcriptions are excellent. . .a wonderful resource in the history and performance of Western Swing fiddle."
    - - -Strings magazine
    "And it's great that you spent so much time transcribing those tunes for your book. I'm working on Texas Crapshooter and it really comes alive playing along with the recordings. Thanks again for all of your hard work. I am really enjoying the fruits of your labors, man!                                                                                                                                                  I'm planning on using your Western Swing Fiddle book as a guide to one of my classes this fall at the McNally Smith College of Music. Thanks again for assembling such a great body of work. It is really an amazing resource. "
    - - - Randy Sabien, jazz violinist - Haywood, WI
    "a true masterpiece. This book is something you cannot afford to be without."
    - - -The Devil's Box magazine
    "Just wanted to tell you because you are a major reason why I've been able to do such things with my fiddle. I'm sure you've unknowingly helped others just like me, but never hear about it. "
    - - -John Jeansonne, fiddler with Rascal Flatts and Lee Ann Womack
    "The book is incredible!!! I love the combo of history with the solos. And the interviews! Can't wait to work through the whole thing. Just fantastic man. Thanks for taking all the time to put this book together, it’s a masterpiece. "
    - - - Chris W., Idabel, OK
    "I've enjoyed your Contest Fiddle book and just recently heard about your Western Swing Fiddle material. What a treasure trove! I'm sure I'll spend many happy (and challenging) hours with these wonderful transcriptions, not to mention the classic MP3s. Seriously, I would have paid $25 for just two or three of these solos. I just wanted you to know that your fine work is greatly appreciated."
    - - - Elaine W., Murfreesboro, TN
    "Thanks so much for getting this to me so quickly. I was delighted to see so much of Johnny Gimble's work included. From sitting at a computer and doing remedial level transcripts and compositions, I have a real appreciation for all the work you have put into this material. Thanks for the contribution of effort you have made to my own metamorphosis as a wanna be fiddle player."
    - - - M. Whirley, Burleson, TX
    "This is an extremely good looking collection, exactly what I was trying to find."
    - - -J. Newton - music teacher at Portland State University
    "An incredibly value packed resource . . . Thanks."
    - - -J. Bluhm - Bremerton, WA
    "Wow! I am completely blown away by this book, and I have only just begun. I have long admired Venuti and Stuff Smith, but their solos seemed unapproachable to me, better left to admire than touch. Thank you for bridging that divide. I can't wait to get to Johnny Gimble. "
    - - -J. Mason - Minneapolis, MN
    "Thank you so much! I'm already listening and can't wait to get home and start practicing. What an incredible resource. Thank you for your hard work and generosity in sharing it at an affordable price. "
    - - -K. Fritz - Forestville, CA
    "Downloaded everything. Wonderful stuff. The Western Swing Book is priceless. I look forward to becoming a better player. Thanks for your help!"
    - - -P. Jannotta - Chicago, IL
    "The book downloaded just fine. What an epic work. I really like it and it has great songs to work on. Thank you so much."
    - - -J. Howerton - Las Vegas, NV
    " Wow, these are great. I can't wait to get started learning some of these licks, especially the Gimble licks."
    - - -A. Johanson - San Antonio, TX
    " Wow! It's better than I could have hoped. Now to brush up on my Johnny Gimble licks :)"
    - - -P. Bazovsky - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    "What wonderful work you did, making this book. I see that you have earned your PhD in western swing music."
    - - -G. Bliss - Santa Cruz, CA
    "Thank you for helping me out! If I can't learn swing fiddle with this book it can't be done."
    - - -E. Wauson - Brownfield, TX
    "Thanks so much--this was perfect! Thanks again for creating and sending all this great music."
    - - -D. Merritt - Columbus, OH
    "Awesome music!"
    - - -J. Tonteri - Calabasas, CA
    " What a joy to find the music is still available to hear. And what an amazing service you've done to music and to history by doing this in the first place -- and it's stunning! thanks again.. "
    - - -M. Leicester - Santa Cruz, CA
    " I purchased the Western Swing book and mp3s and they contain some of the best fiddling info I've ever received."
    - - -T. Wagner - Derry, NH
    " Your book is an awesome work of musical history. It's the most valid book on fiddle in Western swing I've ever seen. "
    - - -Owen D. - Lincoln, CA
    "Thank you, Stacy. I've completed my download of these items. Wow, this is quite an extensive work! I just spent an entire day picking out one break from "Take Me Back to Tulsa", so I figure this collection has probably saved me about two years worth of transcribing. Best $22 I ever spent. "
    - - -M. Hryekewicz - Portland, OR

    Western Swing Fiddle review of options -

        Price of download of book PLUS mp3's/booklet combo = $25.00
        Book only download = $18.00
        All the music/bonus booklet only download = $15.00
        Two CD's of all the music & hard copy of the bonus booklet package. Because most people order the download option of this item, I can no longer afford to offer the booklet in spiral binding.
             $18 + $5 s/h = $23

    • Stoney Lonesome Fiddle - The Fiddle Music of Bill Monroe with recordings
      To mark the 100th year of his birth, an unprecedented collection of transcriptions of fiddle solos to 93 Bill Monroe instrumentals as played by his great fiddlers . . . many multiple page tunes featuring variations by the great fiddlers of the Blue Grass Boys . . . all his famous pieces and many rare and commercially unrecorded tunes . . . not skeletal versions but what Kenny Baker, Richard Greene, Bobby Hicks, Byron Berline, etc. actually played, with bowing, chords and all the variations through the years . . . a fifteen year project of collecting from recordings and live performances . . . saving the legacy of one of the most important American musicians and composers of the Twentieth Century and presenting a history of bluegrass fiddling beginning with Chubby Wise's solo on "Bluegrass Breakdown" in 1947, through Monroe's "Woodstock Hornpipe" at his last session in 1995 with Jimmy Campbell, and beyond with tribute performances and such rarities as "Old Stagecoach" and "Gnaw Bone" . . . plus a 25 page essay on the fiddle music of Bill Monroe.
      You will also receive over 100 mp3 files containing all the music in this giant collection. These are clear, computer generated recordings of the transcriptions.

      The book is laid out so that if you print it, there is minimal page turning within tunes. If the two pages of the table of contents are on facing pages, then the rest will follow.
      When reading the pdf on your computer the Adobe Reader -> View -> Page Display should be set to "two sided" or "two up" to ease reading two-page tunes.

      In addition you will be eligible for free updates should any other tune discoveries be made.
      Stoney Lonesome Fiddle - The Fiddle Music of Bill Monroe      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

      Price: $25.00 for 162 pages of music and text plus over 100 recordings ( almost 2 hours worth ) of all the music!!
      "Thanks so much, you did a great job. What fun to play through them."
      - - -Kenny Kosek - first call fiddler in New York City
      "I just want to say how much I appreciate your effort here. It is brilliantly researched and entertaining - and really shows the compositional genius of Monroe. Lots of keys, unusual bars, timing, topics and all with the unmistakable DNA of Monroe."
      - - -D. Baylor - Australia
      " The files downloaded fine. Looks like alot of good stuff,I can't wait to start playing them. Thank you for all the great learning materials! I love your books and Fiddle Boot Camp dvds. "
      - - -M. Lund - Glenwood, MN
      " This is a GREAT set for a bluegrass fiddler. I can't believe you are making it available for only $18. I'd gladly pay more than that, fwiw."
      - - -M. Richardson - Hiroshima, Japan
      " You've done a terrific job putting this together. I used to play fiddle with James Monroe back in 2001. Then I worked for the Osborne Brothers from 2002-2005. I was reading through the histories of each tune and have learned a lot."
      - - -D. Deakins - Mount Pleasant, SC
      "I was able to download everything. What a great book and very well notated! I’ve been trying to learn several of these tunes by ear on five string cello and this will certainly speed things along! Thanks for sending everything so promptly."
      - - -D. Holloway - Canton, GA
      " I can't believe all of the hard work you've done and am really indebted to you. Happy birthday Bill and thanks so much, Stacy."
      - - -D. Soldier - New York, NY
      "The collection is a real goldmine! Finally all the big tunes gathered in one book! Magnificent! I can only imagine the amount of labour you went trough to come up with this. I am a fiddle teacher from at music academy in Brussels and use a lot of your books in my lessons (Bluegrass Fiddle Styles, Western Swing, Marc O'Connor, Contest Fiddle, ...). Thanks for the great work on all those great books.
      - - -R. Veighe - Brussels, Belgium
      " Thank you! I have most of your books and DVDs. I am 73 yo. It has really straightened out my fiddling. Wish this stuff had been available when I was young ! Keep up the good work"
      - - -Dennis L. - Apache Junction, AZ
      " Thank you very much for your efforts to document those tunes so completely and professionally. I've been looking for those tunes for so long. Other transcriptions do not compare. Many many thanks."
      - - -D. Bringley - Canton, MI
      " What an amazing amount of work must have gone into these! I love the introductory text and notes about the tunes in Stoney Lonesome Fiddle. "
      - - -L. Knabe - San Jose, CA
      " I gotta say, the stuff you put out is phenomenal. I'll sometimes grab one of your books or dvds (Fiddle Styles, Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, Hot Licks, The Championship Years etc) sans fiddle just to relax and immerse myself in the fiddling idioms you've so carefully transcribed. Thanks!! "
      - - - B. Tow - Boston, MA
      "Got `em! Thanks so much for your excellent work on this [Stoney Lonesome Fiddle]! My old copy of `Bluegrass Fiddle Styles` is heavily used and still a favorite. I`ll spend many, many, hours enjoying these! What an awesome book and music set!"
      - - -J. Grady - Raleigh, NC
      " Thank you very much, there's an amazing amount of music here. I appreciate it. I'm going to enjoy playing it. "
      - - -D. Borden - Austin, TX
      " Fantastic, thanks Stacy!! "
      - - -P. Frost - Liverpool, UK
      "Thanks again. I was able to make it happen. What you accomplished is simply amazing. "
      - - -H. Davol - Medford, OR
      "I am getting a lot out of your books! I am a mandolin & banjo player who loves fiddle tunes. Your transcriptions have helped me when I just can't get the essence of a tune straight. My ear gets so confused at times and I need the help. THANK YOU! . "
      - - -Carol G. -Idaho Falls, ID
      "Congratulations. It is a great contribution to all of us and will preserve important music. For once, I am not sarcastic! "
      - - -Fletcher Bright - Southern gentleman/fiddler and teacher
      "Thanks Stacy! The links worked great and the book looks amazing, really looking forward to using it."
      - - -J. Baker - Surrey, United Kingdom
      "Wow. Thanks. This [Stoney Lonesome] is cool stuff."
      - - -Mark H. - Ames, IA
      "I like Stacy's transcriptions because he takes them from the fiddlers I most admire (including Bobby Hicks) and stays very true to the recordings."
      - - -S. Eriksen-Knorre - Round Rock, TX

      How to create authentic bluegrass solos. Most courses have dealt with bluegrass instrumentals, but this one unlocks the key to making up solos to songs, which are 95% of the repertoire. . . the keys of G, A, B, C, and F are covered in detail. . .how to choose double stops. . . how to fake your way through a new tune. . .designed for fiddlers of all backgrounds, from old time to classical. . .typical songs are used as examples of how to plug in the classic licks. . how to transpose licks to new keys. . . Why Did You Wander, Salty Dog, Long Journey Home, All the Good Times Are Past and Gone etc. etc.
      TWO DVD's
      Now available only as a download on the Homespun Tape web site.
      url: info for download of Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp
      "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp will take the intermediate fiddler to a new level of understanding bluegrass fiddle. Highly recommended. " - - -Bluegrass Unlimited

      "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp is definitely the best instruction video I've ever purchased! Stacy covered just about everything I had questions about . . . especially chords!"
      - - - J. Scott - via email

      "This two-DVD set contains a veritable mountain of information.... Stacy Phillips has documented fiddling in the past twenty-some years as no one else has... This is the culmination of much of that information regarding bluegrass. While there is no way to teach all that embodies the bluegrass fiddle style, Phillips provides the required basics in a format much more compatible with learning than any book alone, or book and CD could provide. Highly recommended"
      - - - Fiddler Magazine

      "Phillips has earned the rank of Bluegrass Fiddle Top Sergeant. Speaks to both the typical fiddler and the new wave of classical converts. With an almost overwhelming volume of knowledge about the history, players, tunes, and licks of bluegrass music these discs merit frequent viewing."
      - - - Sing Out magazine

      "I'm starting to work my way through your "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp" DVD. It's great! I love your detailed, analytical approach to teaching, emphasizing techniques rather than just presenting a bunch of tunes to copy. I'm learning so many tips and tricks that I can't find anywhere else. "
      - - - C. Robins - Corvalis, OR

      "I've got your Steel Guitar and Contest Fiddling books, your Bluegrass Fiddle DVD from Homespun, and (more). They all hit the ball out of the park. Your teaching style is terrific. "
      - - - J. Good - Longmont, CO

      "I just want to thank you for this dvd and all the effort you put forth in making it. As I replay all your nuggets of instruction and advice, I can only imagine how much time and effort was invloved. I have been trying to learn the fiddle for many years and this is the most beneficial tool out there. ."
      - - - D. Moran - Ellicott City, MD

      "Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp is the first articulate explanation for practical applications of music theory that I have ever seen. It is the only instructional material for the fiddle that actually gives you the tools to build your own fiddling instead of relying on doing exactly what someone else does. It is also very helpful that it comes with a book that has the music written out, so I can be sure what I am hearing and seeing is what I think it is."
      - - - L. Robertson - Troutdale, VA

      "I learned something new within the first 15 minutes and loved the depth that you put into your explanation.... This is such a great DVD set to take in regular lesson format and work on each piece before moving on. Watching the first DVD straight through has given me the feel for how you teach and an overall understanding of the techniques you will be covering. Thank you so much for putting the time into making this available to students."
      - - - L. Hills - St. Petersburg, FL

      "I purchased your two DVD set Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp, and really love it. It is so rich with information that it amazes me. I can use it again and again and learn something new every time. Just wanted to give you a word of encouragement and let you know your material is TERRIFIC! I will buy more."
      - - - J. A. Crow - via email

      "Your DVD was exactly what I was looking for. The real stuff."
      - - - D. French - via email

      "The DVDs arrived at the beginning of the week and last night I went through the first lesson. So far it is exactly what I was looking for and what I need. For the first time I felt I was really "playing" bluegrass style as opposed to imiating it in the sort of "pseudo bluegrass" old time style that I had been doing and which I was dying to move beyond. I also feel that I am learning in a way that will enable me to apply what I am learning to different tunes and situations. It's great. Well done and entertaining. "
      - - - P. Woodward - Haifa, Israel

      " I can't recommend this DVD highly enough. It gives specific guidance on what makes bluegrass fiddle sound like bluegrass. What he gives you will help you create your own solos on top of what other people have done. With what Stacy Phillips presents, you can be sure that other bluegrass players will recognize your solos as bluegrass and not a complete faker. "
      - - - Charles - via Amazon web site reviews

      "I love the fiddle boot camp DVD, it really helped me to sound like a bluegrass fiddler."
      - - - T. Toman - Hill City, KS

      "This is an excellent lesson. It's full of information and I'm glad I bought this. There is in depth information on what he plays for the solos for each song, and this is exactly what I was looking for. I can learn at my own pace, and review any part I want at any time.."
      - - - J. DiNatale - Boston, MA

      "Stacy is great and extremely knowledgible and passes on load of useful information.There is loads of information for the beginner and intermediate bluegrass fiddler. I highly reccommend.."
      - - - R. Tester - via Amazon web site reviews

      Careful transcriptions of over 60 of the most influential bluegrass solos...Chubby Wise, Benny Martin, Vassar Clements, Richard Greene, Bobby Hicks, Paul Warren, Scotty Stoneman, Kenny Baker, Jimmy Buchanan, Red Taylor, Jimmy Shumate, Byron Berline, Dale Potter, etc. . . .Flint Hill Special, Muleskinner Blues, Panhandle Country, Foggy Mountain Special, Footprints in the Snow, Uncle Pen, Salty Dog, Fiddle Patch, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, 50 more. . .the book that tells the whole truth . . . includes analyses and historical background
      THE BOOK IS A HARD COPY only at this time. You can also order a download of excerpts of the original recordings in mp3 format. You can order only the mp3 recordings by contacting me at the email address at the top of this pagee.
      NEW EDITION WITH MANY REVISIONS OF THE MUSIC - Go to "fiddle books" page for pricing.


      "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is about everything you could ask for in a bluegrass fiddle book. My only suggestion would be to hasten the appearance of Volumes II, III and IV."
      - - - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

      "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is a classic publication. . .an important piece of American music history."
      - - -Sing Out magazine

      "Bluegrass Fiddle Styles is the standard for learning the great bluegrass solos. . .It's a must have."
      - - -Fiddler magazine

      "Now right there is an education, and I don't have to go sifting through all my recordings for this stuff . . . mighty fine."
      - - -Chris Brashear - fiddler with Robin & Linda Williams

      " Through the years as a performer and teacher, I've found that Stacy Phillps' books, Bluegrass Fiddle Styles and The Complete Country Fiddler were about as good as it gets for this kind of instruction. Be sure to get the accompanying CD's as they are important and extremely useful. Also check out his Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle and Western Swing Fiddle Styles as well. Apparently, he's got the infinite patience to accurately transcribe some of the greatest fiddle music ever played and put it into book form for aspiring players."
      - - - A. Eisenman - Longwood, FL

      " Keep up your good work. I have pretty much all your fiddle books.  I originally bought the Yellow Bluegrass book when you were here in Australia in 1980 and it still is the best of its kind.."
      - - - D. Baylor - A.C.T., Australia

      "Via your website, I previously purchased your Stoney Lonesome, Western Swing, Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle, and your Mel Bay book [Complete Country Fiddler], as well as your mp3s for Bluegrass Fiddle Styles. I am about 2/3s through the Bluegrass Fiddle Styles book and about halfway through the Western Swing Book (and have worked through various parts of the other books). I do believe I am finally learning how to play the fiddle after many years of fruitless dabbling. Thank you for your enormous contribution to preserving and teaching American fiddle styles! "
      - - - John C. - Houston, TX

      " This is one of those books that's impossible to find, published a long time ago. It is the BEST -- THE BEST -- collection of transcriptions of the old masters that I've ever seen. Stacy and Kenny did their best to lay down exactly what those guys did when they played these tunes, all the double stops and chords and double-stop slides, and different breaks, so that if you attempt these versions, you will quickly figure out how to sound like them. You have some experience, this will take your bluegrass fiddle sound to the next level. This book makes every other bluegrass fiddle book look like a rip-off, plain and simple."
      - - - Jumpy1 - NYC, NY via Amazon book reviews

      "This book samples some of the best licks in bluegrass fiddle from the 20th century. Some of the licks are pretty detailed and loaded with double-stops and glissandos, but the authors have done a remarkable job of notating it all accurately. I've expanded some of these into encore pieces for use after classical concerts, they rock! History and technical tips are very helpful also. Highly recommended."
      - - -J. Blackman - Melbourne, Australia

      "You have been a guiding light in my attempts at making music. Guys like you ought to be inducted into Americas's Hall of Fame for helping to preserve our musical heritage. "
      - - -V. Sakala - Kelowna, B.C.


      After many years, again available as a pdf download. Careful transcriptions of over 750 fiddle tunes from around The United States in 385 pages!! . . . all the genres not covered in Volume 1 (See the "Fiddle Books" page for that book.) . . . Rags, blues two steps, hornpipes, waltzes, listening pieces, jigs, polkas, marches, etc. . . each entry based on the playing of an outstanding fiddler (over 250 different players represented) including Bob Walters, Doc Roberts, Arthur Smith, Howdy Forrester, Hugh Farr, Jehile Kirkhuff, Benny Thomasson, Ed Haley, Clark Kessinger, Kenny Baker, Eck Robertson, Charlie Stripling, Cyril Stinnett, The East Texas Seranaders, Hoyt Ming, Bob Wills, John Salyer, Jay Unger, Herman Johnson, Ron West, Bruce Greene, J. T. Perkins, John Summers, Vivian Williams, etc. etc. . . . bowing, fingering and chordal accompaniment included . . . no skeletal versions

      Download pdf file of 385 pages of text containing 750 great tunes $25.00

      "This is one of those very special books that most definitely belongs in the essential category. The tunes (in The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes) have been meticulously checked for accuracy. This same effort and care characterizes Stacy Phillips' previous fiddle books. With the combination of Volumes One and Two you will have at your disposal superior versions for all the well known standard numbers, as well as an amazing number of highly prized collector's items and countless rare tunes. A masterpiece. As is true with all his other instruction books, this is most highly recommended."
      - - - Devil's Box Magazine

      "And a big Double Thumbs up (don't drop the instrument) for Stacy Phillips monumental and insanely hip two volume American Fiddle Tunes compilation. Really great! . . . equal in importance to O'Neill's Music of Ireland. Stacy is definitely one of the great nexuses of fiddle lore in this hemisphere."
      - - - Darol Anger

      " I want 2 copies of your wonderful collection The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes."
      - - - Richard Greene

      " A wondrous array of tunes, a fiddler's dream fake book."
      - - - Sing Out magazine

      " Thanks for putting together such a great book, capturing the Fiddle music of America. "
      - - - J. Rose - Huntsville, AR

      " Heartily recommended as a repertoire expander. "
      - - - Strings magazine

      " This book contains many, many tunes transcribed in close accuracy according to the manner in which the old fiddlers played them originally. This is one of those books that are a 'must have' for serious fiddlers. Stacy Phillips has done an outstanding job in his faithfulness to tradition. I can't recommend this book, Vol. 1 highly enough. It's something that can be used for years to come and is a wonderful working book as well as a reference. "
      - - - Katshan - Nashville, IN

      "What the O'Neil collection is to Irish fiddle tunes, this collection is to the US old time fiddle tradition. All are faithfully transcribed, with suggested bowing. It is very difficult to learn old time fiddling from transcriptions, but this book has done an admirable job. "
      - - - P.D. Allen - Indiana

      " The tunes and the fiddle playing tips are just great. I am adapting some of the tunes for hammer dulcimer. "
      - - - C. Smith - Tucson, AZ

      "Fantastic collection of fiddle tunes. Great for beginners and a great value. "
      - - - A.D Tidmore - Pottsville, PA

      " I'm very happy with both your (Phillips Collection of) American Fiddle Vol. 1 & Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle. I've just contacted paypal & await with bated breath a PDF of Volume Two of the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes. "
      - - - M. Gowland - Saclas, France

      " Fantastic! Thank you very much. "
      - - - D. McFarlane - Weston, CT

      " Thanks - I love playing from old recordings and your transcriptions are truly marvellous!"
      - - - John T. - London, England, UK

      "Outstanding!! Thank you so much! "
      - - - S. Schreiber - Carmel, NY

      Download of 385 pages of The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2 containing 750 great tunes $25.00

      With all the critically acclaimed fiddle books I have written, Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle is by far the best selling. Over 450 bluegrass licks and how to apply them to your own solos, with tons of full and partial solos as example . . . sections on double stops, upper positions, kickoffs, tags, fills, accompaniment, and a whole chapter on the ins and outs of Orange Blossom Special . . . notation of all the bluegrass double stops in all the bluegrass keys . . . 128 oversize pages with bowings, fingering and detailed discussion of all the music . . . Download pdf file of text, music and photos and mp3's of the accompanying recording. $19.00      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |BOOK EXCERPTS ]

      "This is the real stuff -- tasty but challenging licks, and well written text"
      - - - Dave Reiner - author of Fiddling Across America


      " I talked about the hours and hours I spent as a youth drilling the double-stop section of Stacy Phillips’ Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle. I would take one of the licks and move it through all 12 keys, trying to keep the fingerings as consistent as possible. We took one I remember from Bobby Hicks’ break on Toy Heart and transposed it all over the fiddle. - - - Casey Driessen - one of the current fiddle greats

      ""You did a great job. I'm a professional (and) this is the best yet that I've run across . . . wanting more of the same great deal and product."
      - - - R. Carson - Cedar Park, TX

      "I bought this with the hope that it would help me develop more speed and versatility in improvising fills, etc., and I'm pleasantly surprised. Useful material and fun, helpful commentary; helps you build a repertoire of licks in all keys with frequent reference to the work great fiddlers. . . . it's much more instructive than a fakebook. "
      - - - E.C.W - Houston, TX

      "Of all the fiddle books in my collection (and belive me, there's quite a few), Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle by Stacy Phillips is my favourite. The first reason is that Phillips gets right to the essence of blugrass fiddling, showing how short, often simple phrases can be used in almost any bluegrass song. There are 450 licks, plus a number of complete tunes such as Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms, Back up and Push, and Bury me beneath the Willow. The book refers closely to the work of specific players such as Vassar Clements, Chubby Wise and Mark O'Connor. It deals with double stops, connecting licks, kickoffs and tags, the High Lonesome Sound, and has a special section on that most exciting of tunes, the Orange Blossom Special. Some books will inform you and help you to some extent. This book can actually do the complete job and turn you into a proper bluegrass player.                                                      The second reason I love this book is the easy, amiable and humorous writing style; I'd better come clean and admit that my own writing style owes more than a little to this book! "
      - - - C. Haigh (professional fiddler) - London, England

      "I'm just getting started but I really like this book. Most books are merely a collection of author's interpretation of tunes. This book gives you the tools to put you're own spin on tunes. "
      - - - C. Engdahl - Nashville, TN

      "Via your website, I previously purchased your Stoney Lonesome, Western Swing, Hot Licks for Bluegrass Fiddle, and your Mel Bay book [Complete Country Fiddler], as well as your mp3s for Bluegrass Fiddle Styles. I am about 2/3s through the Bluegrass Fiddle Styles book and about halfway through the Western Swing Book (and have worked through various parts of the other books). I do believe I am finally learning how to play the fiddle after many years of fruitless dabbling. Thank you for your enormous contribution to preserving and teaching American fiddle styles! "
      - - - John C. - Houston, TX

      "Thank you for all your hard work compiling these songs. I have had many hours of practice and enjoyment using (The Phillips Collection) Volume one and Hot Licks. "
      - - - J. Gaugl - Houston, TX

      "It is exactly what I needed, I plan to learn what I always wanted to play, Orange Blossom Special. I know some parts I learnt many years ago, now I want to learn a few licks and ideas for the E7 part (and bluegrass recordings are as rare as instruction material in this part of the world). Thanks, it is a great book."
      - - - L. de la Torre - Madrid, Spain

    • Contest Fiddling with mp3 recordings
      This is the first book to examine what has become the "national contest style", the transcriptions that set the standard for fiddle tune books that followed. It contains careful notation and detailed analyses of multiple mind-blowing variations from the repertoire of the "national" contest fiddle style - from straight-ahead to hair raising chance-taking. (How about 200+ measures apiece of Sally Johnson and Blackberry Blossom and 300+ of Billy in the Lowground?) Featuring arrangements by Benny Thomasson, Mark O'Connor, Texas Shorty, Major Franklin, Howdy Forrester,Sam Bush, Dick Barret, Terry Morris, Dale Morris, Vernon Solomon, Louis Franklin, Larry Franklin, J.T. Perkins, Johnny Gimble,Junior Daugherty, Howdy Forrester, Bartow Riley, Byron Berline, Georgia Slim Rutland, and others. . .interviews with Thomasson and O'Connor. . .a great way to learn to vary fiddle tunes. . .Sally Gooden, Sally Johnson, Leather Britches, Dusty Miller, Billy in the Lowground, Kelly's Waltz, Fiddler's Waltz, Beaumont Rag, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down, Allentown Polka, Say Old Man and 24 more. . . recommended by Allison Krausse, Matt Glaser etc., etc. Download a 175 page .pdf file jammed with great classic variations of fiddle tunes.

      mp3 files containing all the music in this giant collection come with this download. Featuring the playing of Matt Glaser, Kenny Kosek, Marty Laster and Evan Stover the music is played at a slow tempo (but with the right feel) to ease learning.
      Contest Fiddling     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]
      Price: $17.00 for a download of 175 pages of music and text and recordings ( almost 2 hours worth ) of all the music!!

      {As an alternative to the mp3 files, you can also purchase 2 CD's containing all the music in this giant collection. Featuring the playing of Matt Glaser, Kenny Kosek, Marty Laster and Evan Stover, the music is played at a slow tempo (but with the right feel) to ease learning. Price: $12.00 + $6.00 s/h}
      ". . . a remarkable job. . .an impressive array of material. Even players who do not read music will still want to add this book to their library due to the very informative text."
      - - -The Devil's Box
      ". . .obviously a labor of love. . . invaluable to fiddlers who plan to enter contests. A gold mine of ideas for mandolinists and flatpickers. "
      - - -Bluegrass Unlimited
      "I prepared Kelly's Waltz straight from your book.  I had not played a solo in public for 30 years, and had never played bluegrass in public.  It went well, and I'll be darned if I didn't win. Thank you so much for producing such a useful and readable book, it made for an unforgettable day and a lot of fun playing."
      - - -T. Letai - Medfield, MA
      "I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service! I still don't understand how the cd's from "Contest Fiddling" came so fast. The cd's are great and I'm enjoying playing all the tunes from the (book) download. Your happy customer,"
      - - -H. Saba - Bush, LA
      ". . . belongs on every fiddler's music stand. Even if you don't play a single tune you will enjoy this book!"
      - - -Santa Clara Valley (CA) Fiddlers Assoc. Newsletter
      Price: $17.00 for 175 pages of music and text and recordings ( almost 2 hours worth ) of all the music!!

      I have 2 hard copies of the book left! The cost, including s/h and download of all the music, is $28 . Contact me before ordering to make sure I have not sold out!!

    • 110 Waltzes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes Vol. 2
      Here are the contents of the Waltz Section of the out-of-print Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes Vol. 2. These are transcriptions of many of the classic performances of waltzes in the American tradition. Check out the table of contents to confirm that old time music's greatest fiddlers are represented here. Not just the basic melody, but notation of how these tunes are actually played.

      This download contains 28 more tunes than the hard copy replacement of this section of the Collection, titled Favorite American Waltzes for Fiddle.

      110 Fiddle Waltzes     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]
      Price: $9.00

    • THE COMPLETE COUNTRY FIDDLER with mp3 recordings
      Includes mp3's of all the music . . .how to create authentic licks and solos in the major modern fiddle styles of blues, swing, bluegrass and commercial country....the book that shows what the top players are really doing. . .300 examples plus many full solos with extensive commentary and explanations...Fiddle Sticks (Dale Potter's Boogie), several versions of Careless Love, Pig in the Pen, The Wild Side of Life, Draggin' the Bow, Corrine Corrina, etc. . .most tunes set in several keys. . . eleven major interviews with top professional players including Buddy Spicher, Mark O'Connor, Hoot Hester (of the Grand Ol Opry house band), Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dale Potter and the top studio cats from Nashville and New York...chapters on music theory forfiddlers and amplification of the depth looks at Tommy Jackson, Dale Potter and Johnny Gimble.
      Price $17.00 Includes mp3's of all the music
      "The Complete Country Fiddler (contains) essential tools for the well-rounded fiddler."
      - - - Elderly Instruments - Lansing, MI

      "Complete Country Fiddler gives an insight into the core of musical ideas and techniques common to all these styles. This is a no-nonsense, highly detailed, down-to-the-nitty-gritty work manual. This book is a gem. HIghly recommended. "
      - - - Devil's Box Magazine

      "There is a wealth of information presented in The Complete Country Fiddler in a succinct manner. Highly recommended."
      - - - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

      "The 2 books (Complete Country Fiddler and Western Swing Fiddle) are an incredible collection and archive. Just what I have been hoping for. I have found the promised land ;) Thanks so much. I will be back when I've got some of this under my belt.."
      - - - R. Spencer - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      "I went through this book a few years ago and decided to look it over again,its amazing after learning a fair amount of theory,how the examples make more sense to me."
      - - - R. Jacquard - Chippewa Falls, WI

      "I loved perusing through your Western Swing book so much that I decided to purchase your Complete Country Fiddler book + mp3s as well! A rare commentary by Rob Hajacos is super exciting!"
      - - - J. Rector - Lincoln, NE

      "Thanks for being such a big part of my fiddle education."
      - - - R. Sorensen - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

      " I've started to read through the book, and this is an absolute gold mine! This is basic info I've been looking for over many years, but never finding. There are now a number of books/DVDs out on fiddle "improvisation", but most are trying to teach jazz playing. Your book is the only one I've found on how to get started accompanying singers, or playing in a non-Celtic string band. I love your detailed, step-by-step approach, and your insightful comments specifying differences among old-time, country/bluegrass, and classical playing. I've done a lot of research looking for fiddle instructional materials, but I only found out about this treasure when you mentioned it on the "Bootcamp" DVD. This resource deserves to be better known. "
      - - - C. Robins - Corvallis, OR

      "This one does have terrific info. And the interviews are priceless!"
      - - - S. McDonald - Cartersville, GA

      "Thanks so much for all you've done to capture the music and history to share with others. I'm sure I'll enjoy this book, too."
      - - - M. Lebensorger - return customer from Evergreen Park, IL

      "Thanks for all the great work you have put out through the years. Although I am a Jazz trained guitarist, my fiddle skills are starting to rival my six string licks. This is in no small part due to your legacy of work."
      - - - N. Stewart - Norfolk, VA

      "For all its scholarly merit, his writing style is not dry or overly academic. The self-deprecating humor and dry wit helps make him an unpretentious pedagogue."
      - - - Matt Glaser - Berklee School of Music, Head of String Department

      Complete Country Fiddler     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]
      Price $15.00 Includes mp3's of all the music

      Every solo on the 1995 Grammy and IBMA award winning album... tablature of Douglas, Graves, Auldridge, Curtis Burch, Oswald Kirby, Rob Ickes, Gene Wooten, Sally VanMeter, Tut Taylor, and myself . . .
      Price: $13.00 for pdf file download

      "All I can say is, WOW! I can see that this book is gonna give me many hours of enjoyment. . . an even bigger thanks for taking the time to put together such a great book. Your masterful tabulation along w/the insightful & humorous comments you wrote before each song makes this one that I'm sure I (& many many others) will treasure for years to come."
      - - -V. White - KY

      "Thank you so much for providing the transcriptions and learning material that you do. I find it very difficult to find accurate tablature for the dobro, but your transcriptions for The Great Dobro Sessions and Skip Hop and Wobble have gotten me hooked on this instrument. Can't thank ya enough, happy picking!"
      - - -S. Malloy - Philadelphia, PA

      "Stacy's discussion of the issues he met with when he was making each of the transcriptions is very smart and you can learn a fair amount from these short comments on each piece. He is very funny and he knows a ton of music (fiddle and dobro -- what do you expect)."
      - - -P. Conrad - NYC, NY

    • Deluxe Dobro Tune Book with additions and mp3 recordings
      90(!!) breakdowns, fiddle tunes, waltzes, songs, jigs, etc. arranged for lap slide guitar . . . with recordings of all the pieces. Check out a bonanza of standards and lesser known pieces, designed to immensely increase your repertoire of licks that you can then apply to all types of pieces. This download is available from the Mel Bay Publications web site at:

      Deluxe Dobro Tune Book     Price: $19.99 includes recordings of all the pieces

      "Thanks Stacy, it all looks awesome. Information overload begins soon. You are a great musician and inspiration."
      - - -N. Whitaker - Portland, OR

    • Skip, Hop and Wobble
      All of Jerry Douglas' playing from this popular CD as a pdf file.

      Skip, Hop and Wobble      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS ]
      Price: $10.00

    • DOWNLOAD OF RECORDINGS OF ALL THE MUSIC IN THE DOBRO BOOK is now available in mp3 file format. Includes recordings of the famous floppy record and recordings of all the tablature. This is the music in the famous green book, The Bible for dobroists. See the "Dobro Books" page on this web site for a description of the book.
      Price: $8.00

      "Went straight to track 42 after listening to the intro, wonderful!! Ihave been struggling with Tico Tico, perhaps a bit ambitious for me, but you proved it can be done. Great stuff"
      - - -M. Tavener - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

      The publishers omitted several pieces from the accompanying cd in this book, for reasons of space. Here are mp3's of ALL the tablature in this classic book. In addition 23 mp3's of the original artists playing the recordings that serve as the basis of the music in this book. See the "Dobro Books" page on this web site for a description of and ordering instructions for the book.
      Price for music download: $14.00 includes mp3's of all the music in The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar (1st volume) + 23 bonus tracks of the original classic recordings!

      "Congratulations on The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar. I am VERY impressed by the presentation - its rich content of pictures of the great masters and interesting facts about their music. I haven't come across anything that needed further clarification - and your playful humor candy coats the didactic pill!"
      - - -L. Ruymar - President, Hawaiian Steel Guitar Assoc.

      "This course is as good as they come! Easy to use by both acoustic, resonator and electric slide players. "
      - - -Steel Guitar Forum -

      "This is great stuff. Thank you so much!. "
      - - -S. Muller - Berlin, Germany

      "Without this magical book by Stacy Phillips, it'd be virtually impossible to pick up where I left off. Of course, this book's perfect for the rank beginner BUT, beyond that, it's just the thing for an old codger who has to work his way UP to rank beginner. "
      - - -K. Spriggle - Millville, DE

      "The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar is probably the best compendium of tunes and instruction ever written for Hawaiian guitarists. A fabulous book."
      - - - Elderly Instruments - Lansing, MI

    • BEGINNING DOBRO SOLOS Easy solos in several styles for beginners... not the same old boring tunes . . . Shine On, Harvest Moon, Saint Louis Blues, Maui Chimes, Home Sweet Home, In the Pines, Alabama Jubilee, many standard notation and tablature . . . each tune with complete explanation of rhythm and playing hints . . . comes with all the music in mp3 files . . .

      Beginning Dobro Solos      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS ]
      Price: $12.00 includes mp3's of all the music in the book

      Stacy Phillips MP3 CD Downloads

    • NEW!! Neo-Urban Traditions with Stacy Phillips & Paul Howard
      Our second album - resonator guitar, vocals, violin and standard guitar. Check out a dobro on Brazilian, swing, klezmer, Hawaiian, and scintillating originals.
      Price: $9.00 [ SOUND CLIPS FROM THE ALBUM | ALBUM NOTES ]      
      "Two abnormally skilled musicians. . . It's a joy to listen to Howard's casually lyrical playing and Phillips' wilder style. They make their instruments sing . . . Joyful, effortless virtuosity." On the Advocate's Ten Best of 2006 list.
      - - - New Haven Advocate

      I recently downloaded this album from Stacy's website--he has a great deal on mp3 downloads of his recordings as well as downloadable tabs. Anyway, if you liked Stacy and Paul's first CD, here's more cool stuff from them. Obviously not the usual fare if you know Stacy. Plenty of things you've never heard before on Dobro.... I'm really enjoying it. Interesting tunes, really unexpected Dobro lines, and lots of soul. . .
      - - - Ivan Rosenberg

      " I enjoyed your tracks from your latest album. The music is so fresh and groovy, but the intonation and arpeggios are just UNBELIEVABLE )) The dobro is so flexible and sounds so cool in many styles! "
      - - -V. Sorokin - Moscow, Russia

    • From The Inside
      Featuring Jon Sholle, Ken Kosek, Tony Trischka, Evan Stover, etc. . . Prodigal Son, Greasy Coat, Bucktime, Hawaiian Medley, Slack Key Tune, Kenyan Tune, Wild Horse, I'll Be All Smiles Tonight, Klezmer Medley, Flambee Montalbanaise, Golden Wedding Days, plus originals.
      Price: $8.00       [ SOUND CLIPS FROM THE ALBUM | LINER NOTES ]
      "Stacy Phillips hits almost every high point on this new release ("From the Inside), from klezmer to Hawaiian to bluegrass to Western Swing. This album is just damn beautiful, and if I don't write about it hear, you may miss it. Phillips has a masterful touch on one of my favorite instruments. . . Listening to this album is like listening to Gabby Pahinui, or Mississippi John Hurt, or your favorite gentle, totally fluid, totally present practitioner of American roots musics. [GRADE: A+]"
      - - -The Klezmer Shack (on line album reviews) at

      "Outrageously delightful Dobro playing. Exquisite playing."
      - - -Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

      "Resophonic guitar virtuoso. . .stretching the stylistic limits of his instrument."
      - - -Dirty Linen magazine

      ""From the Inside" is compelling and moving."
      - - - Acoustic Guitar magazine

    • Stacy Phillips And Paul Howard
      Featuring myself and Paul, (vocals/guitar) ...Cherokee Shuffle, Sermonette, Last Rose of Autumn, The Wind Cries Mary, Perry Mason Theme, Sleigh Ride, etc.
      Price: $8.00       [ SOUND CLIPS FROM THE ALBUM | LINER NOTES ]

      TABLATURE OF ALL MY PLAYING IN THIS CD is now available, including all leads and backup. Download it as a pdf file. Price: $10.00


      "Phillips is at the top of his dobroistic form. . . a great listen from beginning to end. The Archduke of the Dobro rides again."
      - - -Sing Out magazine

      "Highly satisfying, recommended to a broad range of listeners. Stacy Phillips is a resonator guitar whiz whose stylings deserve a much wider audience. Phillips & Howard make near perfect instrumental and vocal collaborators."
      - - -Bluegrass Unlimited magazine

      "Audiences will be refreshed and outright stunned - as well as enlightened - by the diverse activity on this disc. Many artists claim to play music that puts standards and genre tunes in a new light or on a higher plane, and fail miserably. Phillips and Howard accomplish such transcendence nonchalantly, without bragging."
      - - -New Haven (CT) Advocate newspaper

      "Master of dobro guitar. Phillips and Howard are in complete control of their crafts and any song they touch is sure to be a fun ride backed by serious talent. These two evidently had a blast with this outing."
      - - -Dirty Linen magazine

      "Phillips' virtuosity on the Dobro and Howard's' sensitive, intuitive support and melodious vocals meld the free-ranging repertoire into an addictive, singular synthesis. Great song selection, clever arrangements, and superb picking and singing.This collaboration is a little country classic."
      - - -The Times-Colonist, Victoria, BC

    • Hey Mister Get The Ball    
      My Dobro album with Tony Trischka, Andy Statman, The Roche Sisters, Kenny Kosek, Matt Glaser, etc. . . Harlem Nocturne, Leather Britches, Panhandle Rag, Swing 39, Valse Hot, Kangaroo, Opihi Moemoe (Hawaiian tune), etc. plus, for download orders only, 5 (count `em, five) bonus cuts from long deleted All Old Friends album featuring the painfully, but undeservedly, obscure Breakfast Special
      Price: $9.00       [ SOUND CLIPS FROM THE ALBUM | LINER NOTES ]

      "Hey Mister Get the Ball is an innovative, imaginative, and impressive album."
      - - - Down Home Music Newsletter

      " You are the greatest ! I just got through listening to Hey Mister Get the Ball - one of my all time favorite recordings."
      - - - J. Cobb - Redmond, OR

      " I really like the "non-traditional" reso styles you explore! Great stuff, and most definitely a sonic tonic for ears eager to hear something other than only bluegrass played on a reso."
      - - - J. Pelz - Maineville, OH

  • THE KLEZMER COLLECTION Bb instrument edition
    is only available as a download. (See Fiddle Book page for C edition) 140 pieces by the greatest practitioners of this East European-Jewish (Gypsy-related) style that is currently enjoying a world wide renaissance. . . transcriptions from the golden age of this music . . . Dave Tarras, Naftule Brandwine, Kandel's Orchestra, Abe Schwartz etc. . . . with all the detailed ornamentation that defines the style . . . discussion of performance practices . . . interviews with experts Andy Statman and Dr. Walter Zev Feldman

    Bb edition download price: $11.00 [ TABLE OF CONTENTS |

    " I really love your Klezmer book and use it frequently. I tell my students it's the only one worth getting. "
    - - -Mimi Rabson of the Klezmer Conservatory Orchestra

    " The Klezmer Collection is an historical treasure that is a wonderful study tool "
    - - -Sing Out magazine

    "It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse the Klezmer Collection. The text is rich and articulate - from an overview of the genre to explanations of ornaments and notation. I intend to play through, and drool over, this book for a long, long time."
    - - - Sing Out magazine