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Dobro Books and Accessories

Thank you for your continuing interest in Stacy Phillips and his music.

We regret that at this time, we are unable to fulfill sales orders.

We hope to resume sales in the near future. Please continue to check back and we will begin taking orders again as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep playing and listening to great music in Stacy's memory.

Dobro Books and Accessories


Our second album - resonator guitar, vocals, violin and standard guitar. Check out a dobro on Brazilian, swing, klezmer, Hawaiian, and scintillating originals.

"Two abnormally skilled musicians. . . It's a joy to listen to Howard's casually lyrical playing and Phillips' wilder style. They make their instruments sing. . . Joyful, effortless virtuosity." On the Advocate's Ten Best of 2006 list.
- - - New Haven Advocate

". . . among the most imaginative and innovative dobro players and this collaboration with Paul Howard is among the best work he's done."
- - - SingOut magazine

"Swinging and eloquent. The two of them mesh wonderfully. This breezy album would be a great soundtrack for whatever soiree you might want to host."
- - -Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

Featuring Jon Sholle, Ken Kosek, Tony Trischka, Evan Stover, etc. . . Prodigal Son, Greasy Coat, Bucktime, Hawaiian Medley, Slack Key Tune, Kenyan Tune, Wild Horse, I'll Be All Smiles Tonight, Klezmer Medley, Flambee Montalbanaise, Golden Wedding Days, plus originals.

"Stacy Phillips hits almost every high point on this new release ("From the Inside), from klezmer to Hawaiian to bluegrass to Western Swing. This album is just damn beautiful, and if I don't write about it hear, you may miss it. Phillips has a masterful touch on one of my favorite instruments. . . Listening to this album is like listening to Gabby Pahinui, or Mississippi John Hurt, or your favorite gentle, totally fluid, totally present practitioner of American roots musics. [GRADE: A+]"
- - -The Klezmer Shack (on line album reviews) at

"Outrageously delightful Dobro playing. Exquisite playing."
- - -Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

"He conveys the core quality and power of each idiom. Stacy responds to the existential power in experiencing music and he will extend your palette."
- - -Matt Glaser - Berklee School of Music, Head of String Department

"Resophonic guitar virtuoso. . . stretching the stylistic limits of his instrument."
- - -Dirty Linen magazine

"Expands the boundaries for both open tunings and steel guitar playing"
- - -Guitar One magazine Featured in their "Moment of Truth" column!

"One of the more inventive and progressive acoustic musicians. Well executed and always interesting."
- - -Sing Out magazine

""From the Inside" is compelling and moving."
- - - Acoustic Guitar magazine

Featuring myself and Paul, (vocals/guitar) . . . Cherokee Shuffle, Sermonette, Last Rose of Autumn, The Wind Cries Mary, Perry Mason Theme, Sleigh Ride, etc. This recording is currently available only as a DOWNLOAD. Please check the "Downloads" page of this web site.

"Phillips is at the top of his dobroistic form. . . a great listen from beginning to end. The Archduke of the Dobro rides again."
- - -Sing Out magazine

"Highly satisfying, recommended to a broad range of listeners. Stacy Phillips is a resonator guitar whiz whose stylings deserve a much wider audience. Phillips & Howard make near perfect instrumental and vocal collaborators."
- - -Bluegrass Unlimited magazine

"Audiences will be refreshed and outright stunned - as well as enlightened - by the diverse activity on this disc. Many artists claim to play music that puts standards and genre tunes in a new light or on a higher plane, and fail miserably. Phillips and Howard accomplish such transcendence nonchalantly, without bragging."
- - -New Haven (CT) Advocate newspaper

"Master of dobro guitar. Phillips and Howard are in complete control of their crafts and any song they touch is sure to be a fun ride backed by serious talent. These two evidently had a blast with this outing."
- - -Dirty Linen folk music magazine

"Phillips' virtuosity on the Dobro and Howard's' sensitive, intuitive support and melodious vocals meld the free-ranging repertoire into an addictive, singular synthesis. Great song selection, clever arrangements, and superb picking and singing.This collaboration is a little country classic."
- - -The Times-Colonist, Victoria, BC


With Tony Trischka, Andy Statman, The Roche Sisters, Kenny Kosek, Matt Glaser, etc. . . Harlem Nocturne, Leather Britches, Panhandle Rag, Swing 39, Valse Hot, Kangaroo, Opihi Moemoe (Hawaiian tune), etc. plus five(!) bonus cuts from long deleted All Old Friends album featuring Breakfast Special.

This recording is currently available only as a DOWNLOAD. Please check the "Downloads" page of this web site.

"Hey Mister Get the Ball is an innovative, imaginative, and impressive album."
- - - Down Home Music Newsletter

An overview of styles and the great players, with an insert cd... all techniques from elementary to advanced are taught with typical solos... hammer-ons, pull-offs, slants,string pulls, scales... Wabash Cannonball, Jesse James, Buck's Stumble, Dobro Chimes, Fisher's Hornpipe, Taking Off, Skin Game Blues, Oklahoma Stomp, Reuben, and many others... recommended by Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, Mike Auldridge... the one book you will see in the music rooms of all the top players. A CD is included, replacing the old floppy record. This CD contains only a selection of material in the book. (The next item contains all the music.) Price: $20.00 ($3.00 off list)                       [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

Includes all of the famous floppy record and recordings of all the tablature. Now available in CD format.
Price: $11.00

Also available as an mp3 download. Price: $8.00

"No Dobro enthusiast, beginner or professional, will want to miss The Dobro Book. . .everything for the dobroist. Each section is thoroughly explained. . .a monumental book."
- - -Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

"The Dobro Book is the best Dobro instruction book. . . complete and well written."
- - - Elderly Instruments - Lansing, MI

"No (Dobro book) is more interesting or comprehensive than Stacy Phillips'   The Dobro Book. I am certain that all those involved with (dobro) will love this book."
- - - Pickin' magazine

"I want to thank you for all of your wonderful books. Your incredible dobro and fiddle books have been a huge education and inspiration for me. I remember howling at the soft record that came with The Dobro Book when I first bought it back in the `70's."
- - - L. Mock, Colorado Springs, CO

"The Bible for dobroists. Awesome book. It took me from the basics to playing advanced styles. I loved the depth of the book. It shows you examples of many of the styles of dobro playing including blues, swing, hawaian, bluegrass and country. The dobro is a difficult instrument to learn. It is not something you can just pickup and play, like a guitar. You have to apply yourself to learning the basics. Then move onto the more advanced techniques. With patience and determination, Stacy Philips provides an aspiring dobro player with a well-rounded understanding of the dobro."
- - - C. Gray - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

" I still think Stacy Phillips' first book from the '70s (the Dobro Book) with the accompanying CD is one of the classics. When I got my copy in the mid-'70s it was one of the only dobro books out there, and the best one at that. Came with a floppy 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record in those days. Stacy also has the more comprehensive book The Complete Dobro Player, but I'd start with the first one then go from there. "
- - - M. Eaton - California via Steel Guitar Forum

"I give this book a very high recomendation. I am very new to the Dobro and after using this book for two weeks I was playing along with my friends. The dobro is about fun and with this book you will learn how. The section on tunings is worth the price of the book alone."
- - - D. Twork - Nashville, TN

This amazing tome from Reso master Stacy Phillips has long been considered one of the dobro players Bibles. Chock full of history, photos, and REALLY helpful instruction and songs, this one is a must have for reso players, beginning to advanced. Worth getting just for the killer bluegrass arrangement of "Jesse James"!
- - - on line book store

Your dobro book got me on my way and I am ever gratefull. Thank you for you expertise, humor and knowledge. I am having more fun with music than I ever have in my life.
- - - T. Cooper, Orlando, FL

Overall, this is a strong book for beginners that thoroughly covers just about every dobro technique and style current. One of the things I liked about it is that all of its material is real-world - there's no cheesy "bile 'em cabbage down" numbers.
- - - J. Braun, Amazon on line book review

This is the new standard in acoustic steel guitar instruction books... how to create licks and solos in blues, bluegrass, "sweet" country-folk style, Hawaiian,and swing... 325 detailed examples plus many full length solos with analyses... in-depth looks at the styles of and solos by Jerry Douglas, Buck Graves, Mike Auldridge, Bob Dunn, Leon McAuliffe and other greats... John Henry, Panhandle Rag, Tennessee Waltz, Leather Britches, Sally Ann, House of the Rising Sun, Opus 57, Dark Hollow, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down, Bring It On Down the My House, and many more... easy and effective retunings... interviews with all the top players, music theory for Dobroists... this is complementary to and an extension of The Dobro Book, with no overlap.
$34.00 with audio download of all the music This is a heavy book, so an additional $2 (over the base shipping charge. See basic s/h charges at the top of this page.) must be added for shipping.                             [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

"I am really impressed with the Complete Dobro Player - great job!"
- - -Mike Auldridge

"The Complete Dobro Player is probably the most complete and essential book on the Dobro and belongs in every resonator guitarist's library. It behooves you to buy the book if only to discover for yourself the true depth of the information contained and, perhaps, the true identity of the Archduke of the Dobro.   Enough information in wide enough scope to bring the beginner up to speed and put a big smile on the long time player. If you can't find it here, you probably don't need it."
- - -Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

"The Complete Dobro Player is the bible!!"
- - -H. Parker via the resonator discussion list on the internet

"I received my order today. It's a rare pleasure to get more than you expected. I certainly appreciate all the work you put into this book. Thanks for writing it."
- - -F. Galloup - Acme, MI

"Enough material to keep my practicing for the rest of my life... Great teacher, great music, great tablatures by a great musician not to mention his great sense of humour!"
- - -R. Bergeron - Quebec Canada

"Comprehensive and detailed. Impressive and like all the best instructional manuals, it need not be restricted to just the resophonic guitar."
- - -Acoustic Musician magazine

"The shipment that you sent to me arrived last week - thank you very much. I was already very impressed with The Dobro Book and Complete Dobro Player - I am now absolutely astounded!!!! Your presentation is a joy, your skills sublime, and your taste impeccable."
- - -L. Wilson - Queensland, Australia

" I'm amazed at what "doors" you have opened up for me in the dobro world...slowly going through your book and have "awe ha" moments. "
- - -L. Tift - Mt. Shasta, CA

"Thanks! Fantastic book."
- - -D. Schrimsher - Huntsville, AL

"I received your books, "The Complete Dobro Player" and "Chords and Scale Patterns for Resonator Guitar" a few days ago. They are (of course) of the same high standard as The Dobro Book which I purchased in the late 1970's. I am delighted with all these publications and your easy going writing style. No doubt and I'm not telling you anything that isn't already well known; but your contribution to resonator guitars via these manuals is invaluable and your influence on Dobro playing is up is there with the very best of them. "
- - -C. Kuhn - Karrinyup, Western Australia

"Just wanted to write and tell you how much I think this book is going to help me. It's just what I'm needing in this stage of my playing. I'm ready to move up and this is really gonna help get me there."
- - -T. Harris - Bodfish, CA

Two 75 minute DVD's
. . . #1 concentrates on how to create your own solos . . . learn major and blues scale positions. . . blues, bluegrass songs and breakdowns. . . basic licks and how to vary them. . . Little Rosewood Casket, Trouble in Mind, Foggy Mountain Rock, Dixie Hoedown and Nine Pound Hammer in three keys . . . #2 features fiddle tunes, detailed discussion of slants and pulls, and chord/melody solos... Bill Cheatem, Cherokee Shuffle, Kentucky Waltz and Last Rose of Autumn (the latter from the Grammy winning album "Great Dobro Sessions". . . each accompanied with complete tablature booklet...
Price: $24.00 each ($6 off list) . . . $45 when buying both

"I would also like to thank you for your fabulous DVD's and books of which I have most. They have been extremely helpful, easy to use and very enjoyable."
- - -C. Garamszegi - Melbourne, Australia

"I'm really digging your Dobro videos through Homespun--excellent presentation, a LOT of material to work with, and well paced. "
- - -A. Glass - Washington, IL

"The Stacy Phillips DVD's by Homespun Tapes are great. Disk one really helped me get started right!"
- - -T. Dawdy - Ridgefield, WA

Featuring detailed transcriptions and commentary on more classic Hawaiian guitar solos by Sol Hoopii, The Genial Hawaiians, Jerry Byrd, etc. . . most are multiple pages in length with several variations apiece . . . Hula Girl, Song of the Plains, By the Waters of the Minnetonka, Feeling No Pain, etc. . . mostly in major tuning with some pieces in Bm or C6... with recordings of all the music in the book including some of the original recordings!
Price: $17.00 ($3.00 off list)     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

with recordings of all the music
Over 50 solos with detailed analyses and historical background... solos by Sol Hoopii, Jim and Bob, Jerry Byrd, Dick Mcintire, David Kelii, Benny Nawahi etc . . . Maui Chimes, Moana Chimes, Song of the Islands, Hilo March, Kilima Waltz, Tomi Tomi, Tickling the Strings, Pearly Shells, Aloha Oe and 45 more... for acoustic and electric lap steel. . . the only book that notates the whole story of what the great Hawaiian guitarists actually played . . . recommended by all the Hawaiian guitar associations and DeWitt Scott (of the steel guitar convention).
Price: $26.00 ($4.00 off list)     [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

Expanded version of the accompanying recordings for Volume 1 of The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar with 23 bonus tracks. See "downloads" page.

"Congratulations on The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar. I am VERY impressed by the presentation - its rich content of pictures of the great masters and interesting facts about their music. I haven't come across anything that needed further clarification - and your playful humor candy coats the didactic pill!"
- - -L. Ruymar - President, Hawaiian Steel Guitar Assoc.

"This course is as good as they come! Easy to use by both acoustic, resonator and electric slide players. "
- - -Steel Guitar Forum -

"The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar is probably the best compendium of tunes and instruction ever written for Hawaiian guitarists. A fabulous book."
- - - Elderly Instruments - Lansing, MI

"This book is an excellent study of the history and unique musical stylings of the Hawaiian guitar. Stacy Phillips successfully pinpoints the characteristics of Hawaiian guitar solos. A special feature is the inclusion of a superb historical survey of Hawaiian music. Written in tablature only, in a variety of authentic tunings. DeWitt "Scotty" Scott comments: "There are two types of Hawaiian music, the 'authentic' style and the 'tourist' style. Stacy is presenting the 'authentic' style and this is much needed to keep the Hawaiian music alive." This course includes many pages of articles about the history of the instrument with vintage photos. Many of the songs include a discussion about their unique features. The tablature is fairly detailed as it captures the nuances of advanced techniques. This course is as good as they come!"
- - -

"Without this magical book by Stacy Phillips, it'd be virtually impossible to pick up where I left off. Of course, this book's perfect for the rank beginner BUT, beyond that, it's just the thing for an old codger who has to work his way UP to rank beginner. "
- - -K. Spriggle - Millville, DE

"I am a big Stacy Phillips fan. I have worked with Stacy's publications for fiddle,dobro, and Hawaiian guitar, and I have to say there are few who compare for the accuracy of his tabs. "
- - - D. Matzenik - Queensland, Australia

". I received your amazing books and just want to THANK you for producing them. Your Hawaiian history section shows such understanding and respect, and doesn't gloss over the reality of what happened to Hawaiians. "
- - - Mari M. - Honolulu, HI

". I have enjoyed your knowledge, skill, talent and humor for many years. Since purchasing my first dobro in 1995 my whole world seems to revolve around the instrument and other types of steel guitars. Looking forward to receiving your book and cd's for my ongoing dobro journey. "
- - - D. White - Kirbyille, MO

"I've got your Steel Guitar and Contest Fiddling books, your Bluegrass Fiddle DVD from Homespun, and (more). They all hit the ball out of the park. Your teaching style is terrific. "
- - - J. Good - Longmont, CO

"Thank you for your fast response. And ooww my lefthand hurts. I've played the whole evening nothing but the turnarounds of Volume 2, outstanding material. Thanks again!! "
- - -R. Corneille - Deurne, Netherlands

"I started out learning Hawaiian steel guitar from your books which have been magic. Today I still perform La Rosita, without your book that one was impossible. Since then I have released two Hawaiian albums "
- - -A. Burns - Melbourne, Australia

Easy solos in several styles for beginners... not the same old boring tunes... Shine On, Harvest Moon, Saint Louis Blues, Maui Chimes, Home Sweet Home, In the Pines, Alabama Jubilee, many standard notation and tablature... each tune with complete explanation of rhythm and playing hints... comes with recordings of all the muusic...
$15 (20% off)      [ TABLE OF CONTENTS | BOOK EXCERPTS ]

A concise collection of chord positions and major scale patterns for G tuned dobro guitar in a laminated chart format. Because the cost of shipping this separately would be about the same as the price of this item, at this time this item will only be sold as part of an order with other items.

Price: $6.00                      

"This is a great little book for anyone interested in getting all that right information so crucial in getting started the right way on an instrument. I loved the fact that it was short and sweet; I was doing cool stuff right away. Thanks, Stacy! "
- - - S. Mosley - on line reviews

All the chords you will ever need... major, minor, dominant, thirteenths, sixths, etc., plus examples of their use in tunes.
Price: $6.00

Every solo on the 1995 Grammy and IBMA award winning album... tablature of Douglas, Graves, Auldridge,Curtis Burch, Oswald Kirby, Rob Ickes, Gene Wooten, Sally VanMeter, Tut Taylor, and myself . . . only available as a download. See Downloads page.

"All I can say is, WOW! I can see that this book is gonna give me many hours of enjoyment. . . an even bigger thanks for taking the time to put together such a great book. Your masterful tabulation along w/the insightful & humorous comments you wrote before each song makes this one that I'm sure I (& many many others) will treasure for years to come."
- - -V. White - KY

"Stacy's discussion of the issues he met with when he was making each of the transcriptions is very smart and you can learn a fair amount from these short comments on each piece. He is very funny and he knows a ton of music (fiddle and dobro -- what do you expect)."
- - -P. Conrad - NYC, NY

"I have the album and it is awesome. Stacy Phillips deserves lots of credit for delving into the daunting task of determining the tabs used for the tunes on this album. It's just a demonstration of his skills as a musician and resonator guitarist. You can appreciate the skill of each musician when you see the tabs of the tunes they played for this album. If you are a dedicated resonator guitar player, this is a book I think you should get if you are ready for a challenge."
- - customer reviews